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History and Biology of Palmer amaranth

Weed Control prior to Emergence

Control of Weeds after Emergence

New Technologies for Weed Management

Preserving Our Weed Management Tools Through Good Stewardship– by Gaylon Morgan, Paul Baumann, and Josh McGinty   –  State-wide relevance 

Potential Income Losses in Harvesting Dry Wheat Grain– by Calvin Trostle and Clark Neely  – State-wide relevance 

Mild Winter and Wet Spring Provide Challenges for Wheat Producers – by Clark Neely, Ron French, and Josh McGinty  –  State-wide relevance 

Early-season Insect Management for South Texas Cotton– by Robert Bowling, Corpus Christi – South Texas and Winter Garden

Considerations for Cotton Planting and Early Season Growth– by Seth Byrd, Lubbock   –  West Texas, High Plains, and Rolling Plains.

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