Roberts County was created from the Young Territory in 1876, but was not organized until 1889. The county was named after John S. Roberts, one of the original advocates of Texas independence, and Oran M. Roberts, former governor of Texas. Roberts County is located in the Canadian River Valley in the eastern part of the Texas Panhandle. The Canadian River cuts across the northern part of the county. The land is mostly rolling plains and the tributaries that feed the Canadian River. This combination makes for some of the most beautiful views in the Texas Panhandle. Roberts County has a total population of 887. Miami is the county seat and is located in the southeastern corner of the county, along Red Deer Creek. The total area of Roberts County 588,800 acres. Of this, approximately 517,000 is rangeland used for beef production. Approximately 53,000 acres in crop land with wheat, corn, milo and soybeans the primary crops. Ground water is an important natural resource in Roberts County. The Ogallala aquifer provides a rich source of high quality water to the entire county.




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